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Judah & Benjamin and King Saul v King David

April 23, 2011

As this is the time of reflection during the season of Passover and Easter I was looking into the fall of the Biblical King Saul and the rise of the House of David and found out that most of Christ’s disciples were from the Tribe of Benjamin which was on a warlike footing against the other 12 tribes and had at one point provoked a civil war in the Land of Israel.  Paul/Saul & Peter for example were Benjaminites.  Jesus himself was a descendant from the Judean clan, King David’s ancestry.  His cousin John the Baptist was a descendant from the priestly Levite clan/later called the Daughter’s of Aaron —  Moses’ older brother…  Their mothers,  Mary and Elizabeth, were cousins…  Judas was a Judean… It is unclear if Luke was a Gentile or Jew.  By inferential evidence he most likely was a Hellenized Jew and very much assimilated and was also Paul’s cousin.  (See: Was Luke a Gentile? by Thomas S. McCall, Th.D).

Benjamin was the junior partner with Judah in the Kingdom of Judea.  However not all of the  Benjaminites went along with Judah:  “We have to be careful about some of the statements that we make regarding Scripture. I Kings 12:20 tells us that only Judah followed the house of David; however, in just the next verse, we have a coalition of Judah and Benjamin. This would indicate that there was probably a split in the tribe of Benjamin and that many did not stand with the house of David.”  (See:  Exegesis Isagogics Categories, Exegetical and Categorical Bible Studies, The Doctrine of the Tribe of Benjamin,

The other 10 tribes split after King Solomon’s death and formed the Kingdom of Israel which is sometimes called Samaria.  They were later vanquished by the Assyrians, (modern day Iraq).  So perhaps the rivalry between the House of Saul and the House of David is reflected in the historic Christian – Jewish split…

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